Christopher Columbus disovery of America


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Illustrations by G. Adolf Closs

The 400th anniversary of the discovery of America found much attention in Europe and America. Numerous publications and events in 1892 give evidence of its importance. "Über Land und Meer. Die deutsche Illustrierte", a Sunday paper published in Stuttgart, dedicated the no. 49 of the 1892 volume comprehensively to this event. Especially striking are the large-size illustrations from the hand of G. Adolf Closs. Here's a selection (click for enlargements):

Columbus is landing on Guanahani (25 KB)

The ships of Columbus
(28 KB)

Shipwreck of the Santa Maria
(29 KB)

The Death of Columbus
(22 KB)

  Gustav Adolf Karl Closs lived from 1864 to 1938, from 1891 in Stuttgart and from 1907 in Berlin. He was a lawyer, a painter of historical scenes as well as an important heraldry. In his young years he was very busy illustrating magazines (among others for "Über Land und Meer", "Die Gartenlaube", "Fliegende Blätter") and books .

Columbus monument in Genoa
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